About Us

Business & Tactics is a website/blog that provides business ideas, tips, and strategies for startups, business owners, and entrepreneurs. We publish the best & authentic information on how to make money, stay ahead of the competition, and build a successful business.

About the Founder:

Hello, Myself Linda Collins. I’m a professional Blogger, Entrepreneur & Journalist. After all of my struggles in the business world, I have realized quite a few things that most startups & businessmen don’t know OR they haven’t the resources which are very helpful for becoming a successful businessman.

Blogging & writing is my passion throughout the days I have started exploring business strategies & tactics to become a successful businessman. And, I’m gonna publish best new Business ideas, business guides, businessman interviews, and Net worth to inspire beginners, startups, and businessmen.

The idea is to share all of my knowledge, personal experience & Experts Guides. So this blog is going to be very helpful for business minds. Make sure you keep reading the latest blogs on Business & Tactics.

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